Software Engineer in Test

I like solving real-world problems using code. I like using tools based on the problem at hand, even if it means learning something new.


Jigar Patel
Director of Engineering - Nuna Inc.

I highly recommend David for the role of Sr. SDET. I had the pleasure of working with him at Nuna, where he worked as part of my QA automation group. David consistently delivered high-quality work, possessed excellent skills in problem-solving, and interacted effectively with cross-functional teams. He has a solid technical background, keeps up with technological advances, and has an energetic work ethic. Any organization would benefit from having David on board.

Carrie Hughston
Director of Engineering - Onna

David was a key player on my team at Onna, and I hope that I am able to work with him again in the future. He not only has strength as a team player (and all-around good person) but his attention to detail and standard for excellence were game changers for our team. David is a strong SDET with a bright future.

Jamie Pittman
Software Engineer - Onna

I had the pleasure of working with David, and I was thoroughly impressed with his abilities and work ethic. I consider myself to be a pretty thorough engineer, but David always asked great questions and brought to light situations that were not previously considered. David was very involved in the development process from start to finish. He participated in our UX and Design sessions, posing questions and thinking through how the feature would be tested. David reviewed PRs from the frontend and backend teams as he has knowledge of both JavaScript and Python. I highly recommend David and think he would be an asset to any organization!

Gabriel Bustos
Senior Product Manager - Onna

As a Product Manager for our company's primary product, our features must function to the best of our abilities without incident in production. Our QA person is our last line of defense to ensure proper steps are taken to prevent a disruption in our customer's workflow. David had demonstrated immense discipline in asking clarifying questions on product requirements before and after development and caught many issues before being released. I was so thankful to have David's experience on my team, who takes the time to really understand the product and use cases and enforce quality assurance in our software. David is highly recommended to anyone who values quality features and would be a significant asset to any company lucky enough to have him.

Fred Ricci
Senior SDET - Nuna Inc.

I worked with David for almost a year on the Test Automation team at Nuna Inc, and he was a great teammate. He demonstrated a high proficiency in writing automated tests using TypeScript/JavaScript and Playwright. He also went above and beyond to ensure the tests ran efficiently in CI/CD with proper reporting and failure notifications. I also really appreciated the fact that he always wrote clear and concise documentation around test automation best practices, team best practices, test execution guides, etc. Overall, I would recommend David for a test automation role.